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Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting team  is coming out from many industries and our clients are selecting a daily working experiences with high expectation return and operational knowledge.


This allows our company to understand our clients' needs and help to study, interpreted and solve their challenges,

your business!


Business Operations

Our Business Operations Service is organized to assist our clients to analyze, develop, invest and valuate in any small to medium large scale project, to select  the main problems and difficulties for obtain profit and long terms core business objectives.


Our team is with more of 25 years experiences and training to coordinate the daily work from startup company to sophisticate and complicate medium large corporation, including high standards, norms and certifications.

We assure  the profit result projects based on our guidelines and standards to be completed on schedule and in respect of approved budget, plans, maintaining and reducing costs and  saving both time and money.


Working on clients' behalf, becoming part of our working philosophy and system organization, and we act in full transparency with the client and for the best interests of our cooperation.


We are profit drivers dedication and  we become special in respect of many key factors for our clients, including the international standard and regulations.




To know an industry in and outside is the most sensitive and difficult factor for supporting our work.


The development of solutions and problems cannot be done with the research of proper and quality sources and competitive products.


Logistic, organization and production processes need to be  dynamics in function of the changes of the market and any potential changes, with advance technology solutions for competing and driving  in some specific sectors where we are really specialized and where we are a reference in design, production processes, design and low costs with high quality standards products.


Our team makes the difference in years of direct, front-line experience and strategic and secrecy in know-how to ensure our success and of our clients.

About us


China South Corporation Limited is a new service management consulting firm that serves leading businesses in several industries sectors, non governmental organizations, and not-for-profits.


We try our best to help our clients to improve organization, performance and realize their projects, our projects, most important goals.


Our firm is a new born company and our team is getting important  experiencing consultants work and collaborate with our firm exclusively and with high professional profile.


To build a more modern and  different quality service in consideration of important largest competitors in the market and much very large organization, we have target our team with really high standard and unique top players with more than 25 years experience in their fields from plumbing products to Aeronautic.


We offer unique and dedicated services in function of the results dedication.


We consider priority the high quality service and specifically in certain area of industries.




Our consultants are located in :


       Hong Kong




       South Korea


       United Kingdom
North America


South America




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