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Who we are


China South Corporation Limited is a small Hong Kong firm just founded in January 2015 by Roberto Orlandi, Italian, 5o years, and Lihua Ruan, Chinese, 38 years.


We have direct seven  top professionals and nearly 300 specialized professionals.

We do not have headquarter as traditional concept of business, but we are located in Hong Kong, additionally other four locations in Shanghai - China, Lugano - Switzerland, Brescia - Italy, LosAngeles - USA, Lima - Peru', and we represent over 25 client worldwide.


Our firm reflects our dedication nature and spirit to our clients and our determination and focus in the solution are successful specifically for our small dimension corporation, becoming synonymous of quality and success.


Our firm is organized to operate directly with the client as integral part of his company and in total transparency.


Our values, integrity, strength, professionalism are pushing ourselves full dynamism expression of the importance of our innovative solutions. Our firm is not owned by many partners but our experience dive us the strength to be a Global Partner.


We are  selective and specific in our activities, we reach our clients' needs with full study of the problems and the success to development solutions and new applications.


We are just starting to develop our Market and Clients across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and strongly Pacific -ASIA and in particularly China and Hong Kong.


We, Roberto Orlandi and Lihua Ruan, take a strong attention dedication to developing relationship with our people/consultants in function of direct approach and discussion of professional knowledge and we pay high consideration about their experiences, personality and professional results.


China South Corporation Limited is already an important partner for many clients and we know the high responsibility for our role and ensure, we can propose the right team in function of specific target and jobs, to grant to every client in some parts of the world the suitable support and service.

What we do

We work to serve our clients in their organization and with their managers and responsible.

For every client and his needs, we create a specific expertise and people, and with the client we setup the team.

Our focus is to let the client solve his problems and to grow up and to get long way results for leading their market.

China South Corporation Limited is the Partner of our clients where the success is the top target and priority.

Any implementation, modify process, correction work directly or indirectly is natural development and result of the team to develop skills for reduction of costs and a multitude of better solutions basic for higher profit and return.

Our way to do our service is a new and better ways to work with our clients, and transparency is the main concept of our cooperation base on trust.

We want and request our clients to setup a modular concept of doing business and we show in reality our experiences and what we do in our firm’s considering our resources in these activities mainly:

  • 1. Financial and Investments
  • 2. Food and restoration
  • 3. Mechanical Sector
  • 4. Paper business
  • 5. Plumbing products sector
  • 6. Project developments
  • 7. Website and e-commerce

Territories of our activities:

  • 1. China and Hong Kong
  • 2. Brazil
  • 3. Canada
  • 4. Germany
  • 5. Indonesia
  • 6. Israel
  • 7. Italy
  • 8. Malaysia
  • 9. Netherlands
  • 10. Singapore
  • 11. Switzerland
  • 12. United Kingdom
  • 13. USA


  • 1. Agency
  • 2. Consultant
  • 3. Buyer
  • 4. Distribution
  • 5. Financial
  • 6. Seller
  • 7. OEM Manufacture
  • 8. Project Manager
  • 9. Quality and Technology Developer


  • 1. Industry Design - Product from the lab. to the Market
  • 2. Management Organization - Production process and costs
  • 3. Marketing - From the production to the clients
  • 4. Projects - From the investment to the return
  • 5. Website - E-commerce sales

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China South Corporation Limited and the important news to consider for our business in the company and in the world.


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