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We have two distinct businesses operating in Hong Kong; China South Corporation Limited and Profit Wisdom Trading Limited both of which are companies within the Group.


China South Corporation Limited guarantees the suitability of the advice given by Representatives when they recommend any of the operative solutions products and services available from companies in the group.


Capability management considerations

Due to the complexities of system-of-systems integration, interoperability, and the dynamic nature of operations, capability management is greatly assisted by modeling and simulating realistic strategic scenarios and contexts, in order to inform business cases and decision-making. Through those considerations and practices, the enterprise and its performance can be continuously assessed and projected into the future. Well executed capability management therefore clearly informs strategic and operational decisions, and aids in the development of diverse but well-considered strategic and operational options, so they are readily available off-the-shelf. This should also endow significant agility to an enterprise, providing enhanced "contingency capital" and risk mitigation.


Capability management therefore centers on:

Strategic and operational appreciations and analyses

Capability conceptualization, definition and development

Operations research and analysis

Context or scenario-based capability modeling and simulation

Capability costing

Capital project business cases and management

Decision making and decision support

Capability assurance and performance management






Concepts and Doctrine







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